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Sauvignon & Sauvignon


Grapes: 60% Sauvignon bland, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2020

Dry 1.68g/l

Alcohol 14%

Quality designation DOC-CMD

Acidity 6.43g/l

the sales unit is the case of 6 bottles

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The winemaker of Budureasca Winery, Stephen Donnelly, had a great idea: to unite two related varieties – the “mother” Sauvignon Blanc and the “child” Cabernet Sauvignon – in a wine that allows each grape variety to express its character.

For the creation of this blend, only the free-run juice was used (obtained without pressing the grapes). The two juices were filtered immediately and mixed in the same stainless steel tank. Then, they were enriched with selected yeasts of white wines and fermented for three weeks at 16°C.


Tasting Notes

Once it finds its way into the crystal glass, the wine welcomes us with fresh aromas reminiscent of tropical fruits and summer flowers. The taste delights with citrus and herbaceous sensations. This is a distinctly fresh and elegant wine, which reveals a perfect balance between the two grape varieties.

Food Pairing

Ideal with chicken or fish with grilled vegetables, seafood pasta, unaged & softer cheeses, or sushi.

Serving Temperature

This wine is best served at a temperature of 10-12°C.

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Sauvignon & Sauvignon

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