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Bristena Busuioaca


Grapes: Busuioaca de Bohotin

Vintage: 2022

Demi sweet 41.2g/l

Alcohol 13.5%

Quality designation D.O.C. – C.M.D. Dealu Mare

Acidity 7.4g/l

the sales unit is the case of 6 bottles

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Bristena Busuioaca de Bohotin impresses with its deep pink color and its strong aromas of raspberry and rose petals.

Busuioaca de Bohotin is an aromatic Romanian variety of rosé grapes that appeared for the first time in the town of Bohotin in the southeast of Iași county. Although originally from Moldova, the variety has adapted very well to the climate and soil factors of the Dealu Mare region, because it prefers sunny slopes with southern exposure, conditions that we have in the Budureasca vineyards.

Busuioaca is a very aromatic variety full of character, with medium-sized, spherical and well-clustered berries. The core of the fruit is crisp, colorless, with a subtle aroma. The varietal characteristics of the variety induce notes such as rose sweetness, raspberry, peach or honey. The variety is at the same time quite difficult and capricious, showing sensitivity to drought and excess water in the soil. For this reason, it is cultivated in Romania on a limited surface compared to other varieties.

At Crama Budureasca in the Dealu Mare region, we grow Busuioaca on approximately six hectares. The grapes reach their full maturity in the second half of September, when they are also harvested. From the healthiest bunches, hand-picked from vines positioned on plots in the southern area of the plantation, we obtain this very elegant and well-structured demi-sweet vinified rosé.

After being carefully pressed, the grapes had a short period of cold maceration, to extract from the skins fruity aromas and the color desired by oenologists. Then followed a controlled fermentation at low temperatures for 3-4 weeks, until it was stopped to preserve the natural sugars. The whole winemaking process gave the wine a good harmony between the varietal aromas and the sweet sensation, turning this dessert wine into an ideal aperitif or digestif.

Tasting Notes

The taste is full, with sensations of rose sweetness that complement the unmistakable perfume of the wine. The balance achieved between sweetness and acidity leads to a fruity, long and pleasant finish.

Food Pairing

We recommend serving as such, but it can also be an inspired choice with sweet and sour desserts.

Serving Temperature

It is recommended to serve at a temperature of 7 – 9°C. Before consumption, store in a dark and cool place, away from sunlight.

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Demi sweet


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Bristena Busuioaca

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