Demi sweet

A wine is considered semi-sweet when residual sugar is found in an amount between 12 and 50 grams per liter. At the Budureasca vineyards, we choose for our semi-sweet wines, only the grape varieties that naturally accumulate a sufficient amount of sugars, thus obtaining extraordinarily fresh and fruity wines, with fine aromas of the sweetness of roses, juicy pears or elderflowers. Including the plots where the grapes from which we obtain semi-sweet wines are planted are specially chosen so that the exposure to the sun, the altitude and the type of soil are the desired ones. A famous semi-sweet wine for which Crama Budureasca has become famous in Romania – but also in other countries in Europe, Asia or North America – is Busuioaca from the Bristena range, becoming over time, one of the most sold and coveted wines in our entire collection .

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