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Fetească Neagră

Fetească Neagră is a popular Romanian grape variety, cultivated in our country since ancient times. Initially, it was cultivated in the vineyards of Moldova, then it was extended to other areas with perfect climate and soil conditions, such as those in the Dealu Mare Vineyard, in the Budureasca vineyards. At Crama Budureasca, the wine made from Fetească Neagră grapes has revealed its unique characteristics that make it a favorite of Romanians. Very aromatic, usually with pronounced fruity notes, Fetească Neagră from Budureasca is the wine you need when pork sausages are sizzling on the grill or juicy pieces of beef steak generously garnished with salt and pepper.


Shiraz is a grape variety that gives rise to wines with varied notes, black berries, spices or red fruits. A wine with Shiraz in its composition is extremely aromatic and sophisticated, having an above-average structure and a higher level of tannic acid, which makes it a perfect partner for spicy dishes and lamb or game. At Crama Budureasca, Shiraz wine has always been a real leader when it comes to the medals won at various competitions. In the winemaking process, Shiraz usually remains a single variety, giving birth to an absolutely outstanding wine. However, it is also distinguished in combinations with other varieties, being the basis of some special blends and assemblies.


Originally from Bordeaux, France, Merlot grapes were brought to Romania more than 100 years ago and enjoy a good reputation among connoisseurs. In years with lower temperatures Merlot ripens very well, and in years with high temperatures it accumulates more sugar. Merlot wine has a lower intensity than strong red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot produced by Budureasca has over time obtained valuable medals at international profile competitions. Try the wines made from this variety alongside juicy roasts of red meat, pork or even pheasant and turkey. Merlot also pairs wonderfully with cheeses served à la française, i.e. at the end of the meal.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Through all its characteristics, Cabernet Sauvignon expresses vigor, virility, strength, which is why it is nicknamed among connoisseurs as the “King of red wines”. The variety usually gives rise to a full-bodied, intensely colored wine – red with violet hues when young, deep ruby when mature. At Crama Budureasca, the Cabernet Sauvignon wine from the top ranges is carefully vinified to develop a perfect aromatic bouquet. Cabernet Sauvignon is especially recommended with game meat dishes, such as wild boar or deer. It’s one of those wines that you can’t go wrong with for pairing with premium cuts of beef, grilled, pan-fried or baked.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a grape variety originating from Burgundy, France, but its popularity is growing in our country as well. The variety is famous all over the world for its elevated aromas of black cherries, plums, currants or strawberries. Pinot Noir is a demanding variety, requiring ideal climate and soil conditions to produce a special wine. Wines made from Pinot Noir perfectly enhance dishes made from fine meats, such as lamb or duck. Along with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir is one of the varieties used to create the famous champagne. The Dealu Mare vineyard is one of the few regions in Eastern Europe where a Pinot Noir wine of the highest quality is produced.


The noble Busuioacă grapes from the Budureasca vineyards benefit all year round from all that the Dealu Mare region has to offer in terms of climate and soil. This variety is famous in Romania due to its fruity and fresh aromas, which give rise to an elegant and easy-to-drink wine. Sweet and semi-sweet wines are usually obtained from Busuioacă, due to the high sugar content naturally present in this type of grape, but at Crama Budureasca, you can find wines in the higher ranges and in the dry version. The wine created from Busuioacă can be enjoyed as it is or combined with various dishes, especially with cheeses and seafood.

Pinot Gris

The name Pinot Gris comes from the purplish gray skin that covers the grapes of this grape. From this variety, at Crama Budureasca we obtain dry or demi-dry wines called Pinot Gris, but also Pinot Grigio (in the Italian version), depending on the production technique and implicitly on the developed aromas. Pinot Gris is a suitable and often used variety for the vinification of aromatic and well-balanced blends. The food pairings for a wine from Pinot Gris are varied, but they keep the classic line for white wines. A young wine can be combined with light and delicate dishes such as shrimp or scallops Saint Jacques, while a slightly more mature Pinot Gris goes better with poultry or aged cheeses.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc variety is native to the west of France – specifically the Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions. From these white grapes, which enjoy immense popularity in the world, a straw-yellow wine with greenish reflections is born. Among the most common aromas associated with Sauvignon Blanc are jasmine, wildflowers, exotic fruits (such as guava, passion fruit or pineapple) and citrus. Sauvignon Blanc wine has a pleasant acidity and can be combined very well with cheeses, vegetables, fish or with refined white poultry dishes. The Budureasca Winery has always had a very good quality Sauvignon Blanc wine, as evidenced by the excellent results obtained at international competitions.


The Chardonnay variety comes from the Burgundy region of France. However, Chardonnay grapes have found ideal conditions in our country, especially in the Budureasca vineyards. A wine made from Chardonnay grapes usually contains rich notes of citrus, tropical fruit and oak accents – if the wine has been aged, at least in part, in the barrel. The culinary associations for this wine are diverse. Young Chardonnay-based wines go well with seafood or light salads, while mature ones can be paired with grilled fish dishes or pasta with white sauces. At Crama Budureasca, the carefully created wine from Chardonnay has always been in the top of Romanians’ preferences when it comes to white wines.

Tămâioasă Românească

Tămăioasa has always been highly appreciated by Romanian wine enthusiasts. Grown in our vineyards in Dealu Mare, where they have the best soil and the most suitable climate, the grapes of Tămăioasă Românească are the basis of some of the most awarded Budureasca wines, such as the already famous Tămăioasă Românească from the Premium range. A wine made from this variety is usually distinguished by aromas of quince, gooseberry, pear or elderflower. In association with culinary preparations, the wine from Tămăioasă Românească leads us to possible successful pairings with fresh cheeses, fish or chicken.

Fetească Regală

Although it may not have the notoriety of other Romanian grape varieties, Feteasca Regală grown in the Budureasca vineyards is the basis of a very intense and aromatic wine, with a fruity taste and excellent acidity. It is the kind of wine that, once tried, pleasantly surprises with its range of flavors and interesting accents. The wine from Fetească Regală can be combined with the same dishes as any other fresh white wine. The best pairings are with light pasta with white sauce or grilled vegetables. It can be enjoyed at any time and with seafood or dishes where the star is fish. Feteasca Regală is, at the same time, a grape variety used to create blends, due to its fruity but non-stringent taste.

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