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The company’s two plantations in southeastern Romania – one of 160 hectares, located near the Danube, in Stârmina (Mehedinți), and the other of 50 hectares, in Sâmburești (Olt) – were carefully chosen by international specialists for their ability to produces healthy grapes year after year. The vineyards are carefully cared for with the environment, and the two wineries related to the plantations, permanently updated from a technological point of view, have the resources of professionals established by the results obtained over the years. Quality, not quantity – this is the top concern of the VINARTE team.

The “great classics” from VINARTE – Soare, Prince Mircea, Castel Bolovanu, Sirena Dunării – are the top of a pyramid of expressive and tasty wines, intended for all categories of consumers. They are built on a solid foundation that exceeds the level of physical “assets” – namely on the philosophy of rendering as faithfully as possible the spirit of the places and varieties of origin on the meaning of any generation.

The mission that the winery has undertaken since its inception is to identify and reveal to wine lovers everywhere the fascinating rich universe of places and varieties of an ancient wine culture in Southeast Europe.