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Sauvignon & Sauvignon


 Please  note sales unit is box of 6 only.

Grapes: 60% Sauvignon Blanc - 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2020
Vineyard: Dealu Mare
Type: Dry 
Alcohol: 14% by vol.
Quality designation: D.O.C.- C.M.D.

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The story:

The story of the wine in this bottle began many hundreds of years ago, when it was still not thought possible for a red grape to have a white grape as its genetic parent.
We decided to unite in a unique assembly Father Sauvignon Blanc and the child Cabernet Sauvignon, so that everyone can express their own character in the glass of wine.

Vinification details: 

To produce this we selected two well-established plots of vines. After manual harvesting, white vinification and separate fermentation of musts followed. The whole process took place in a stainless steel tank.

Tasting notes:

The result is a fine and tasty white wine, with olfactory notes reminiscent of tropical fruits and summer fruits. The taste delights with the vivacity of citrus and herbaceous sensations. It is fresh and elegant and is distinguished by its perfect balance.

Food pairing:

Ideal with tasty white meat dishes with aromatic sauces, fresh cheeses or catch fish.


This wine is best served at a temperature of 10-12° C.

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Box of 6 bottles

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