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Dark Count Pinot Noir


 Please  note sales unit is box of 6 only.

Grapes: Pinot Noir grapes harvested at full maturity
Vintage: 2018
Vineyard: Dealu Mare
Type: Dry 3.837 g/l
Alcohol: 14% by vol.
Quality designation: D.O.C.- C.M.D.
Acidity: 4.98 g/l

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Vinification details: 

Dealu Mare is one of the few vineyards in the world to have the potential to produce high quality pinot noir. It’s a grape variety well adapted to the climatic conditions of the region Dealu Mare and its grapes are among the first to be picked. 2018 was an exceptional year for this variety, allowing it to extract much more color and aromatic intensity. A wine with great potential for aging.

Tasting notes:

Ruby red color, with flavors of cherry always fresh and a delicate note of spices. Complex taste of plums and Black cherries, with delicate and well integrated tannins. The oak aroma of the barrels where the liquor has been aged gives this wine a long and pleasant finish.

Food pairing:

Taste this magnificent wine with dishes such as pork, lamb and duck.


This wine is best served at a temperature of 15-17° C.

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Box of 6 bottles

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