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About Us

Wine is a passport to the world”

Thom Elkjer

Rowine story… is not a new one; it is a story that has been told before. Most probably, somewhere, somehow, other people will tell – or have already told – similar stories.

Yet, our story is beautiful in its simplicity and rich in its desired success. It is a story of wandering people with a yearning passion for achieving their goals and bettering their lives.

What started as a funny and lovely story between two children, blossomed into a friendship among the people in the kids’ inner circle. Eventually, the friendship grew stronger. That circle widened to include other people with shared values and dreams. It later flourished into a business venture that founded its strength on their love for the homeland, their strong values, determination, and desire to succeed.

The background of Rowine’s story is childhood memories of vast vineyards, harvesting grapes, pigéage, fresh grape juice and wine. Today, we merge this story with the professionalism, expertise and power of Budureasca / Romania along with a partnership of few Romanians whose common goal is to share their love of Romanian wine with like-minded Canadians.

Rowine means excellent wines to be drunk with old friends as well as new ones.

Albeit a young company recently established in Montreal, Ro-Wine’s services and qualities of the wines we offer speak for themselves.

We are convinced that we hit the jackpot with BUDUREASCA’s wines. The class and taste of their wines are sure to please newcomers and connoisseurs of wine alike, making their mouths water.

As we continue our story, join us on this exciting journey in making the best Romanian wines well known and appreciated in its new homeland, Canada.