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Salon des vins d’importation privée 2021

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The Salon des Vins d’Importation Privée, organized by Raspipav and presented by the SAQ, is the best opportunity to discover and purchase imported wines by bottle.

Since 2013, wine enthusiasts can, throughout the event, order their favorite imported wine by bottle, as well as try out new ones. After all, maybe your favorite wine is one you haven’t tried yet!

Even if the Covid-19 pandemic brought us some challenging times, thanks to Raspipav and the SAQ, the tradition goes on this year in virtual mode, continuing to bring you all the wines you love.

This autumn, Raspipav invites you to RASPIPAV Week, between October 14 and October 17, to order your favorite imported wines from the comfort of our very own home.

As Raspipav says, the Salon des Vins d’Importation Privée 2021 is a bottle tour of the world: South Africa, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Spain, USA, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Us from RoWine invite you to try our best Romanian wines, available during the event. You can order one or more bottles on

If you feel like order more or try other Romanian wines,

you can find us on, by phone calling +1 (514) 885-2112 or by e-mail at

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